Financing for Sustainable Development

– The challenge posed by the need of achieving a sustainable economic growth and an optimal redistribution of resources demands a strong and clear response with appropriate financing mechanisms.
– In the context of the current global movement for Sustainable Development (UN SDGs, EU Horizon 2020, Climate Change Paris Agreements, etc) new financing alternatives are emerging that will facilitate the implementation of many of the above related projects.
– Public and private funds that are not only seeking economic returns but also social and environmental impact are here to stay now: Impact Financing
– A strong data-based monitoring and the good economic forecast, seem to be key factors around which the impact investment sector is based upon these days. The social impact investment sector is on the rise and the widespread use of new technologies is only helping this movement. There are more and more people and institutions that agree that ethics and economy are inseparable and that principle is the basis for new investing decisions.
– At the same time, social entrepreneurs in the areas on infrastructure for social impact and sustainable development are coming up with new and innovative alternatives that are challenging the traditional industries in the sector of international development. Financial support for these new social entrepreneurs is essential to consolidate this growth.